MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard With E-Ink Technology: Is It Real? Specs, Rumored Release, Magic Keyboard 2 In Works?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Imagine dynamic display keys in your Apple MacBook Pro that adapts to your needs. This is the dynamic E-Ink Magic Keyboard expected to be launched as one of the new features of the MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard 2.

Sonder, an Australian company, is the first to produce the dynamic E-ink keyboard. It lets the users customize the keys depending on the desired application to be used.

With the MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard with E-Ink features, infinite possibilities can be performed in a snap. Keyboard shortcuts, macros and individual icons can be set specific to users. App-specific layouts can also be set for all applications. And keyboard characters can be changed to different languages based on the users preference.

According to i4u News, an unidentified source has tipped that Apple is working on the new release of its MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard that will feature the E-Ink technology. The information was from the Tsinghua University campus during the Foxconn event.

Different rumors are spreading about the new features of the MacBook Pro but the E-Ink attribute is the first to be confirmed. According to i4u News, sources claimed that E-Ink Magic keyboard hardware was seen as Dft model, meaning that it is already in the testing stage.

BGR also reported an anonymous Reddit user, "Foxconninsider", claims that the E-Ink Magic Keyboard is the real deal. The anonymous tipster also provided evidence behind the scenes to prove that the hardware is existent. They also reported that Apple may release the E-Ink Magic Keyboard by 2018.

On the other hand, The Guardian disclosed that Apple's procurement board is in talks with Francisco Serra-Martins, Sonder's chief executive, during the event in Tsinghua University in Beijing. The details of the conversations were not confirmed but it could mean that deals are getting in place for Apple's release of the next MacBook Pro Magic Keyboard with E-Ink technology.

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