Galaxy Note 7 Timeline: The Birth And Death of Samsung’s Flagship Phone

First Posted: Oct 15, 2016 06:32 AM EDT

When the Galaxy Note 7 was released in August, it was the MVP of all mobile phones. A beautifully crafted symmetrical design with the latest technologies to date.

Two weeks later, the Note 7 is dead, ready to be buried. Perhaps, this is the bluntest and remarkable fall of a flagship phone in this era.

Unveiling the Galaxy Note 7

August 2, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 during its Unpacked 2016 in New York City. At its launch, the most talked about was Samsung's decision to skip the Note 6 name altogether, to streamline the Note 7 to the Galaxy S series' numbering.

Samsung Opened Preorders

Aug 3, preorders were opened for the Galaxy note 7. Demands were insane. Two hundred thousand units were preordered in two days in South Korea, Tech Crunch reported.

Reviews Flooded the Net

 August 16, three days before it hit the market, reviews flooded the world wide web. The first reviewers went crazy over the impressive features of the Note 7. Its dual edge display was the big selling point, making the Galaxy Note 7 a default flagship phone for its imminent users.

Galaxy Note 7 is Now available

August 19, the popular Galaxy Note 7 was released. The price tag was around 800USD, but consumers seemed not bothered by its cost. With Samsung's most comprehensive mobile phone, who cares if I shell out a good chunk of cash.

Reports of Explosions

August 31, Two weeks after the Galaxy Note 7's release, Samsung delayed shipments in some regions due to multiple reports of explosions.

Public Warning

September 8, according to, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration released an announcement that passengers are no longer allowed to turn on and charge their Galaxy Note 7 devices while on board the aircraft.

The Total Recall

September 12, US Consumer Product Safety Commission officially declared the recall of the Galaxy Note 7. Around 500,000 replacement units were released. An estimated cost of $1 Billion USD was spent for these recalls.

 Note 7 No More

October 10, Samsung officially direct retailers to stop the sales of Galaxy note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 is Finally Dead 

October 11, Samsung permanently stopped the sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7 and called it a day. In less than 2 months, Samsung's flagship phone device reached its final destination. Hopefully, the next generations of the Note series would end the controversy of the Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco.

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