Gears Of War 4: Microsoft and The Coalition Back In The Game, Storyline, Game Play And Complete Review [VIDEO]

First Posted: Oct 07, 2016 06:20 AM EDT

Gears of War 4 is now officially the first game in the entire series to finally show up on the Xbox One. Earlier this year, Microsoft had released the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for PC, but it was a total mess. With the launch of the new Gears of War 4 on the coming October 11, both Microsoft as well as the game developer, 'The Coalition' will come back in the game. If you're a true fan of the series, you'll definitely like it.

Gears of War 4 features an immense array of adjustable settings to ensure your system gives it's best to the game. According to Kotaku, while the multi GPU support is still being worked on and doesn't yet have an exclusive fullscreen, the Game has just about everything.


Gears of War 4 has been set 25 years after the storyline of the third game in the series, Gears of War 3. However, the protagonist has been changed. In the game, the player takes on the role of JD Fenix, a generic white guy, who is joined by the cute Asian Kait. They're also accompanied by a funny guy Del, as they survive through the treacherous world of Sera.

JD is a carefree young man, unlike his father Marcus Fenix, whose rough and tough nature made him such a legendary video game character. Gears of War 4′s story itself is similar to JD's personality. The game seems very simple at the beginning even when things get a bit dangerous. What's disturbing is that even when things get deadly serious, the characters go on joking around with not a care in the world.

The story cover up a total of five acts, with each act comprising multiple chapters. The squad has to push through each chapter, destroying enemies, finding paths, and at times splitting up into two groups, states Forbes.


The single-player campaign of Gears of War 4 is strongly inspired by the original game from 2006. The Game is still a cover-based shooter and teammates do yell things like REVIVE ME whenever they're hurt. The HUD font appears the same and even the ominous noise that plays in the game when you clear an area hasn't been changed at all.

Though the game's controls are simple, each available action like hopping quickly between points of cover give a real life-like feel. Although there's the option to select new enemies and rather deadly weapons, the campaign still feels repetitive, especially at the start. The game gets better as the player goes deeper into the game's story. The final chapters have a nice twist as well and the new wind farms do feel really neat.

According to The Verge, the Gameplay isn't that memorable but it still is a lot of fun. You won't love the gameplay that much, but you certainly won't hate it either. The game is more fun especially when you're playing with a friend.


Gears Of War 4 looks gorgeous on both Xbox One as well as the PC. However, turning the graphics up too high will definitely bring your PC to its knees, no matter how well configured it is. The colors are brilliantly eye-popping. Although, you can turn off the gore from the settings but the game is more fun with blood.

The complete package offers a really awesome 6o-FPS multiplayer experience on the Xbox One and PC as well, coupled with cross-play and cloud saves that makes playing the game a smooth breeze. The massive amount of content in the multiplayer mode and the ability to change the Horde difficulty levels does make the Gears of War 4 a terrific deal. The Game will be available from coming October onwards and will cost $59.99.

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