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Facebook Couple Pledge $3 Billion To Find Cure For All Diseases

Facebook Couple Pledge $3 Billion To Find Cure For All Diseases

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First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 05:13 AM EDT
Facebook couple donates $ 3 billion
Facebook couple donates $ 3 billion to find cure for all disease.
(Photo : Adam Berry / Getty images)

After the Facebook couple has pledged $3 billion to find a cure for all diseases, it looks like money will no more be a hurdle in research efforts to find cures for a plethora of diseases afflicting mankind.

Though philanthropists have pledged a significant amount of money in the past to aid medical research, the $3 billion that has now been pledged by Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan is the biggest commitment so far, reported The Verge.

The Zuckerberg couple has pledged to spend $3 billion over the next decade and a $600 million investment in Biohub, will kick start the promised investment. Located at the University of California, Biohub is an independent research center that will focus on developing new methods and tools for measuring and treating disease.

The present effort of the Zuckerberg couple is trained at finding a cure for all diseases on the surface of this universe during the lifetime of their children.  However, the couple admits that this could not mean a completely disease free world and that there could be much fewer diseases. The research efforts, they added, should help with the detection and treatment of disease of in the least, manage disease more effectively.

Zuckerberg has also laid out a blueprint for eliminating nearly every disease across the next century. He added that infectious diseases, cancer, heart disease and neurological diseases were in the forefront of fatal diseases.  He averred that anyone breakthrough cannot eliminate these diseases. But, he said, investment in basic scientific research and developing new tools will aid the progress in our fight against diseases and lend more speed to the efforts, as reported by nature.

Zuckerberg also added that Biohub would be a catalyst to bring together different disciplines such as scientists, software engineers, and medical professionals, and funding would be provided for long-term initiatives so that scientific discoveries can be accelerated.

He also opined that the current system of scientific grants awarded just about a few thousand dollars which went to individuals was not efficient enough to find major breakthroughs. Let us hope the $ 3 billion pledged by the Facebook couple will help mankind find a cure for all diseases.

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