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End Of Metastasis In Breast Cancer: New Breakthrough Research By Israeli Scientists

End Of Metastasis In Breast Cancer: New Breakthrough Research By Israeli Scientists

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First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 05:08 AM EDT
No more metastasis in breast cancer
Has new study stopped metastasis in breast cancer.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty images)

Breast cancer is second leading cause of cancer in women and Metastasis is prevalent in most of the patients. New breakthrough research by Israeli scientists has found a solution to end metastasis in breast cancer.

One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer and the chances of death are 1 in 36. The prime reason for the death is lethal metastasis .i.e. the movement of the cancerous cell from the primary site of the tumor to the colonies and the vital organs. The detection of breast cancer is often early, yet 80 percent of women die within five years after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

The metastatic can be prevented by combining genetic therapy and chemotherapy delivered to the primary tumor site, found a study a new breakthrough study at Tel Aviv University study.

Dr. Noam Shomron of TAU's Sackler School of Medicine in collaboration with Dr. Natalie Artzi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was heading the breakthrough research. Dr. Shomrom said, "We wanted to find a way to stop metastasis from happening altogether. It's the turning point, where survival rates drop exponentially."

The researchers used bioinformatics to explore identify the cell that was to be targeted. The researchers created a nano-vehicle to deliver the microRNA to the tumor site. Dr.Shomrom said, "Mutations in the three prime untranslated regions (UTRs) at the tail end of a gene are usually ignored because they aren't situated within the coding region of the gene. We looked at the three UTR sites that play regulatory roles and noticed that mutations there were involved in metastasis." as reported in Tel Aviv university.

Mice patients with breast cancer were used for the purpose of the study.  The researchers used hydrogel containing primary RNAs and injected it in the primary tumor site to control the movement of cancer cells to the secondary tumor sites.

The tumor was excised two days later. A couple of weeks later the mice was evaluated and it was found that the mice treated with two different mRNAs had very few metastatic site.  As opposed to this the control group which was treated with scrambled mRNAs showed fatal metastasis.

The results have great implications as researchers have stopped metastasis of Breast cancer in mice. Since the effects of genes in mice and humans are similar, the same results can be achieved in humans. The researchers will further continue to evaluate the success of the method but it looks like the breakthrough research will end metastasis in breast cancer.

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