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Tesla Updates Its Autopilot, User Interface In Its New Version 8.0 With Cabin Overheat Protection System

Tesla Updates Its Autopilot, User Interface In Its New Version 8.0 With Cabin Overheat Protection System

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First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:54 AM EDT
Tesla Autopilot Update version 8.0
One push of a button and 140,000 Tesla owners get a new user interface, improved Autopilot, and some clever new abilities.
(Photo : Spencer Platt / Staff / Getty Images)

Tesla has just released an Update in its Autopilot as well as the User Interface in its much-awaited software version 8.0. According to the automaker based in Silicon Valley, the new Update features the biggest User Interface modification since the release of its earlier Model S.

As the Update was released yesterday, a push notification on the car's touch-screen may already have informed the 140,000 Tesla owners about the new software update being available. One push of a button and the User's car will get a brand new user interface, improved Autopilot, and some clever new safety Options. The broader update covers every single change including a modification to the Autopilot drive assistant system, much-improved navigation, advanced media player and also a unique feature named Cabin Overheat Protection designed particularly to keep the user even as well as their pets safe.

The most important update in version 8.0 is that of the Autopilot. After the accident on May 7 that claimed the life of Model S driver Josh Brown, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk had claimed that the version 8.0 updates would prevent any such incidents in future and would focus more on Driver Safety. The new update to the Autopilot may very well face that task. The key changes in the update include an Autosteer feature that automatically disables when drivers continuously ignore safety warnings. For more details regarding the Autopilot update, click here.


If the driver fails to put their hands on the wheel and revamped object detection logic that uses a radar system to register things the camera system can't recognize, the car will shut down automatically for the driver's safety. Additional Autopilot changes and the new user interface abilities enable the car's Autopilot to automatically navigate highway on and off ramps, states a report on Tesla dedicated website Teslarati.com.

Information about the Autopilot changes was already widely leaked in rumors, but what surprised the audience in a good manner was the development that Tesla has called an industrial first safety measure. The development in the new version 8.0 features a Cabin Overheat Protection System that uses the car's battery to keep the vehicle's interior at a safe temperature for Driver, children, and pets alike. Worth noting fact is that the feature will stay on even when the car has been switched off. Musk stated on Twitter earlier that the Cabin Overheat Protection can keep the cabin around 105 degrees for almost a year provided the battery is fully charged. He also promised that in the next version 8.1, the vehicles will include a user controlled temperature functions.


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