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‘Space Cloth’ By NASA To Revolutionize Clothing And Textiles

‘Space Cloth’ By NASA To Revolutionize Clothing And Textiles

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First Posted: Sep 22, 2016 05:56 AM EDT
'Space Cloth' developed by NASA
This 'space cloth' is now destined to revolutionize the clothing and textile industries.
(Photo : Dan Kitwood / Getty images)

NASA has developed a new type of cloth nicknamed 'space cloth' based on sensor technology. This 'space cloth' is now destined to revolutionize the clothing and textile industries. Just like smartphones and smart wearables, the 'Space cloth' will make clothing and textiles smart.

NASA researchers along with an entrepreneur Sonia Reynolds have developed the 'Space cloth'. It is capable of detecting the moisture in the air, gauge the outside temperature and even send health alerts, as reported in Tevo news.

The 'Space cloth' is based on the technology called SansEC.  It is a sensor that need not be plugged in or uses batteries but is totally capable of monitoring physical phenomenon like temperature, fluid level, humidity etc. The results are transmitted and collected using a remote antenna.

The Fabric 'Space cloth', is scientifically named Zephlinear and is made by a technique called yarn surface entanglement. Ms. Reynolds said: "This is a real breakthrough for the textiles industry. It's the first non-woven material made from yarn and promises major benefits for the future of clothing and more," reports dolphnsix.

The patent is pending for the material. The 'Space cloth' can be added to virtually any clothing and even the existing ones. It can create a highly resonant sensor at a low cost with no additional weight, NASA said in a statement.

The 'Space cloth' has a strong potential for using it as smart textile as it has the ability to encase copper wiring, light emitting diodes, etc. The cloth was recently presented at the Wearable Technology Show, USA, by Reynolds  and is thought to be strongest when made from natural yarns, although it can also be made from synthetic yarns.

Ms. Reynolds further added, "Because of the material's linear channels of 'Space cloth', it has great potential to be used as a smart textile. In particular, we believe 'Space cloth' lends itself well to being embedded with microcapsules containing medication or scent, to either help deliver drugs to specific parts of the body or to create antibacterial and aromatic clothing."

A Prototype blanket made out of 'Space cloth' is already ready. It looks like, in the near future, smart and environment-friendly clothing would be made possible by the 'Space cloth'.

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