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Peppa Pig Cartoons Make Kids 'Emotionless Zombies', Expert Suggests

Peppa Pig Cartoons Make Kids 'Emotionless Zombies', Expert Suggests

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First Posted: Sep 22, 2016 04:57 AM EDT
Peppa Pig
Parents are now debating whether Peppa Pig cartoons are being a good or bad role model for their kids in response to an experts' statement saying the show turns kids to emotionless zombies. (Image used for representation only.) Paultons Park / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Many children nowadays are loving Peppa Pig and her adventures. But a study says that it could cause long-term brain damage to your kids. A parenting expert recently released a statement warning parents to NEVER leave their child to sit and watch endless non-educational programs, like Peppa Pig, because it is dangerous for the kids' brains.

"Kids are losing the capability of developing skills in empathy and reading other people's body language because they're so not in tune with it anymore," Dr. Karen Phillip said during an interview with Courier Mail. She said even kids four or five years of age fail to develop their brain function on thinking about things on their own because they are so used to being supplied by an external source such as a TV.

Fortunately, the harmful effects are reversible if parents choose to interact more with their children and opt for educational programs instead of normal cartoons. And children should not be left alone watching.

"If parents interact with them during a show or if they want to watch, say Peppa Pig, and they're doing the singing and dancing and interacting, that's completely different," she added. So using TV as a technique to finish house chores is never the solution! It just creates more damages than dirty dishes.

Many parents are furious and negatively targeted Dr. Phillip for her statements saying that their kids are actually learning so much from the cartoon unlike how the expert expects them to turn out to be - emotionless zombies.

Peppa pig has been translated into more than 20 languages for bing one of the highest-rating kid's TV show ever. Previous concerns over the show included parents fighting over if Peppa is actually a good role model for kids.

Some parents even said "Peppa Pig IS educational", as reported by Lifestyle OneOne mom even defended the show by using his developmentally delayed son as an example of a kid who learns good things from the show. "He now knows some things that we have never even mentioned to him, such as actions for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... We have seen a massive improvement since he has been paying attention to the [show]."

Many parents also added that kids should only be allowed to watch TV in moderation, and experts should be focusing more on other cartoons that promote naughty behavior like Horrid Henry. Even Apple developer Steve Jobs is limiting his kids' access to technology, reports Tenplay.

However, one mom defended Dr. Phillips observation and said, "I found it very unhelpful when my son started watching it. Both children are rude towards their parents and to each other..." She observed her son having certain bad habits after watching the cartoon. She even raised her son to love eating fruits and vegetables, but after being inclined to watching the show, he doesn't like those healthy foods just like George who prefers chocolate cake. She started to ban watching Peppa Pig in their household.

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