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'Spider-Man' PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Update: Insomniac Games Confirm Spider-Man Will Not Be PS4 Pro Exclusive

'Spider-Man' PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Update: Insomniac Games Confirm Spider-Man Will Not Be PS4 Pro Exclusive

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 06:15 AM EDT
Spider Man PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Update
Insomniac Games has confirmed that "Spider Man" will not be PS4 Pro exclusive.
(Photo : Neilson Barnard / Getty Images)

Spiderman fans are quite eagerly awaiting for game developer Insomniac Games to announce "Spider-Man" for PS4 release date. While there isn't any information about an exact release date, Insomniac Games has made it clear in the recently held PlayStation meeting that the upcoming game will not be PS4 Pro exclusive. This means that the game will work well on all models of PS4.

It was when a fan on Twitter asked the game developer if  "Spider-Man" will be PS4 Pro exclusive that the gaming studio replied saying there are no PS4 Pro exclusive games. The studio went on to explain that all PS4 games including "Spider-Man" will work on both PS4 as well as PS4 pro. The "Spider-Man" PS4 game was first announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016. An in-game engine demo was also unveiled alongside.

At the PlayStation Meeting, game developer Al Hastings of Insomniac Games assured gamers that PlayStation 4 Pro will offer them the best "Spider-Man" experience with excellent graphic detail. It is to be noted that the scenes of the "Spider-Man" video, which was screened during the conference, were in-game/in-engine/in-real time. Insomniac Games also confirmed that though they already have a playable build of "Spider-Man" for PS4, they will only show the gameplay once they are ready for it, reported Gametransfers.




Previous reports suggest that "Spider-Man" PS4 game plot will be a standalone story and will not be linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any manner or even to the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie. The game is expected to feature an huge open-world gameplay in New York. It is rumored that Martin Lin a.k.a. Mister Negative will feature as the main villain in the upcoming "Spider-Man" PS4 title. In the game trailer showed at E3 2016, Spiderman can be seen fighting with masked criminals who are from Negative's gang.

The still untitled "Spider-Man" for PS4 game is expected to get a 2018 release date. Stay tuned to SWR for more updates on "Spider-Man" PS4 release date and gameplay.

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