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Depression During Pregnancy Increases The Risk Of Maternal Diabetes, Finds Recent Study

Depression During Pregnancy Increases The Risk Of Maternal Diabetes, Finds Recent Study

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 04:22 AM EDT
Depression During Pregnancy
Depression during pregnancy increases the risk of gestational diabetes, a recent study finds.
(Photo : Angel Valentin / Getty Images)

Researchers have found a link between depression during early pregnancy and increased risk of gestational diabetes or maternal diabetes.

As reported in LiveScience, Stefanie Hinkle from NICHD,  the first author on this study stated that as per the study from his recent data, "Depression and gestational diabetes in pregnant women can happen together until more details are found on this, physicians must observe depressed pregnant women for a sign of gestational diabetes."

According to National Institute of Health, it is known that obesity increases the risk of gestational diabetes but studies have found that it is at a higher rate for non-obese women. Researchers are analyzing the pregnancy records from NICHD fetal grown studies which track thousands of pregnant women to understand fetal growth pattern.

As reported by Indian Express, Study was conducted on 468 obese and 2,334 non-obese women, during eight to thirteen week of pregnancy. These women were asked to fill a questionnaire on depression between the 16th and 22nd week of pregnancy and then after six weeks of giving birth. Researchers reviewed pregnant women's records to identify gestational diabetes. 

Cuilin Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., Division of Intramural Population Health Research at NICHD, who is also senior author of the study said, "Persistent depression from first to the second trimester increases the risk of gestational diabetes."

Dr. Hinkle also stated, "No study up til now is able to prove the relationship between depression and gestational diabetes. Earlier depression was linked to impaired glucose metabolism which would, in turn, increase high blood sugar level." It was revealed that high blood sugar is the cause of hormonal, inflammation and other changes that lead to depression.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than ten percent of women are pretentious by postpartum depression and approximately nine percent of women have gestational diabetes. This recent study is believed to have further solved the link between depression and its link to increased risk to maternal diabetes.

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