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Cuddling Your Cat Can Be Dangerous For Your Health: A Bad News For Cat Lovers

Cuddling Your Cat Can Be Dangerous For Your Health: A Bad News For Cat Lovers

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 05:27 AM EDT
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A new disease was recently found in cats and may actually harm you to death.
(Photo : Putu Sayoga / Getty Images)

Bad news feline lovers, reports have been scattering that cuddling your cats can do you harm. We all know that pet cat can reduce stress for cat lovers. Research shows that a new disease has been discovered and it may affect the relationship you have with your cats. But can they really do you harm?

A large-scale survey was conducted by doctors from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. They discovered a cat-borne bacterial disease known as "cats scratch." This disease apparently causes fever, pustules and for some, it may even be deadly.

People get the disease from stray kittens that are more likely infected. It can be transmitted when you are scratched by a cat that has the disease. Not only that, once the cat was infected, you can also be if you don't wash your hands after touching the cat. Infection may be worse if you put your hands in your mouth without cleansing them.

Experts also advise that rough playing and kissing a stray cat should be extremely avoided. Thus, the cat owner should also avoid letting their pets interact with other stray cats because fleas from other cats can also spread the disease, according to The Telegraph

CDC expert Dr. Christina Nelson said, "The scope and impact of the disease is a little bit larger than we thought, "Cat-scratch is preventable. If we can identify the populations at risk and the patterns of disease, we can focus the prevention efforts."

In line with this, a report by the NHS Choices states that scratches and animal bites are commonly infected. The questions have been running such as people don't know if all the cases have been positively confirmed for it is also possible that some cases are just misdiagnosed as other illness.

For now, cat owners just have to be cautious on dealing with their cats. Diseases these days can come in all sorts of strains and sources. Especially with stray cats, for we don't know how intense the disease they might be carrying.

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