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Mercedes To Unveil AMG GT And GT C Roadster: Complete Specs, Features, Price Here

Mercedes To Unveil AMG GT And GT C Roadster: Complete Specs, Features, Price Here

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 03:03 AM EDT
Mercedes AMG GT Roadster
The convertible will be available in regular GT strength with concentrated GT C form, giving more power and an upgraded suspension. MikeBirdy CC0
(Photo : MikeBirdy / Pixabay)

Autumn is here but the Mercedes has still managed to keep it hot with the launch of its dazzling open-top Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster along with its racier stable-mate, the GT C Roadster. Mercedes has recently released images and details of its latest Jaw-dropping Roadsters ahead of its worldwide debut at the Paris Motor Show that is to be held later this month.

With these two new open-top models the members in the Mercedes-AMG GT family has now become five. The new sports cars along with having fabric based soft tops, also features certain AMG traits including the lightweight yet rigid aluminium body shell. With its powerful V8 bi-turbo engines, AMG GT can pull out a power of476bHP whereas the AMG GT C stretches that up to 557bHP.


According to eureka.co.uk, the convertible is to be launched in the market in the usual GT strength that'll be more concentrated in its GT C form, giving it more power and also an upgraded suspension. The steering as well as brakes have been borrowed from its fearsome brother the 'AMG GT R' gull-wing coupe. AMG's GT Coupé has taken very well to roadster duty, same as that of the 'Gullwing' back from the 1950s.

Mercedes has yet managed to keep things quite simple with its foldable fabric soft top that has a record folding time of just 11 seconds, the time you take to hop out of your car. Both roadsters: AMG GT as well as AMG GT C are powered by the Twin-Turbo 4-litre V8 engine that matches to their automatic seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Although, the standard car will roll out with 469 horsepower, the wide-bodied GT C does pack up a very healthy 549 HP.

According to birminghampost.co.uk, the C model also has its key components inspired from the GT R Coupé. Mercedes also stated earlier that this car has sprint capacity from zero to 62mph in just 3.7 seconds with a top-speed of 196mph. The Rollover protection has been provided by an aluminium cross-member attached with rollover bars.

The GT C also features comparatively wider wheels, the track being expanded by 57mm so as to accommodate its broader bodywork. Mercedes engineers have also worked hard to nullify the weight penalty of roadster-isation, by substituting magnesium, aluminium and carbon-fibre-infused sheet moulding compound in place of Steel wherever been possible.

The GT Roadster, on an outlook is 55kg heavier than the standard Coupé, whereas the GT C is 90kg more heavy than its sportier mate GT S Coupé. Mercedes has not yet officially stated the price of the two Open-Top models, but the price is expected to be £110,000 for the GT Roadster and at least £20,000 more for the GT C Roadster.

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