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The 'Titanic' Of Space Movies? Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt Star In Space-Romance Movie, 'Passengers' [VIDEO]

The 'Titanic' Of Space Movies? Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt Star In Space-Romance Movie, 'Passengers' [VIDEO]

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 02:59 AM EDT
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt at CinemaCon 2016 promoting Passengers. The film shows the story of two spacecraft passengers who are set to travel to a colony planet, but experienced a different fate. Jennifer Lawrence Films / Flickr CC0

Here's good news for space movie enthusiasts: The first trailer of 'Passengers' (2016) has finally arrived. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the film is something that numerous fans have been waiting for. It is set to come out on December 21 this year.

Apparently, the film has already made an early impression. As of writing, various comments and expectations are all over the Internet. In The Verge, 'Passengers' was described as a combination of science fiction, action, drama, and romance. With that being said, the film may be a perfect choice for different types of movie goers. It is like an all-in-one movie wherein different genres could be viewed. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times highlighted the fact that it is the pair of sought-after actors who top bills the film. Lawrence and Pratt have a large number of following; hence the high expectations from the movie, earnings wise. And to add more excitement to the viewers, Crystal Bell of MTV News described the film as the 'Titanic' of space movies.

The movie tells the story of Aurora (Lawrence) and Jim (Pratt), two spacecraft passengers traveling to a colony planet. The former is a young writer who is interested in cosmic travels while the latter is a mechanical engineer who decided to leave the Earth. Embarked with 5,000 passengers, they are set to go on a space journey that should take 120 years to complete. With malfunctioning hibernation pods, the pair was awoken 90 years before their supposed arrival at their destination. Aurora and Jim explored the ship together while an attraction gradually developed. But before they knew it, their ship has started to malfunction and they need to save themselves and the other 5,000 passengers with them.

Since the trailer came out, praises were made on the set design and external shots. Among the other highlights of the trailer are the android bar tender, Jim using a robot to ask Aurora on a date, and the deemed soon-to-be iconic line 'You die, I die' dropped by Lawrence.

'Passengers' (2016) was directed by Morten Tyldum. He was a nominee for an academy award for 'The Imitation Game'. He is likewise slated to work on the historical thriller 'The Last Days of Night'.


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