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Add Music To Your Date: Tinder And Spotify Partner To Find Your Perfect Musical Match

Add Music To Your Date: Tinder And Spotify Partner To Find Your Perfect Musical Match

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First Posted: Sep 21, 2016 02:16 AM EDT
Your Perfect Musical Match
Good news for all the music "lovers," Tinder will now show your potential date's Spotify preferences as well. Well, now you won’t be surprised if swiping right lands you a date with a Death-Metal fan.
(Photo : Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images)

Spotify and Tinder have now partnered up to give the modern mating a new background soundtrack. Starting Yesterday Sept. 20, the Tinder users should now see "Spotify" on their potential dating profiles. Swipers should now be able to play and listen to songs directly from their Date's Tinder profile.

The dating app that has already reduced romance to a few simple gestures is now allowing users to connect their Spotify accounts to their profile, Tinder said on their blog this Tuesday. This means that the Tinderers will now have something more to consider while swiping other than their shirtless bathroom selfies. You can listen to the top lists of your "Tinder Date" whether you have a Spotify account or not. Although, If you do have an account linked to your profile, you'll be able to a see a list of artists that you have in common.

This initiative is probably meant to give people a lot more things they have in common to discover they may have in common-Metallica fans can meet Metallica fans. It will also provide the users, new ways to show off important things about them. Or, as tempting as it is already, to allow Users to better signal their potential dates why they exactly are on Tinder: You can choose a song depending on what you wish for.

This is the so-called "Anthem" for your Tinder profile, a feature that Spotify has detailed at length in its new blog post. A good suggestion would be Rihanna's song, "We Found Love" or "Party Hard" may be more of your vibe.

With-or-without a Spotify account, you're fully encouraged to add a single song to your Tinder profile that describes you the best. You can show off your top music, play songs off your future date's profile and find out which artists you both have in common.

Tinder is not the only dating service that's integrated with Spotify. Bumble, another app that lets women make the first move, also has a similar feature that lets users display their top artists. Another app, Tastebuds.fm, is built around the common musical tastes. The feature will be available in all those 59 app markets where Spotify is already available.

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