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Dead Rising 4: Official Trailer Launched, Time To ‘Return To The Mall’

Dead Rising 4: Official Trailer Launched, Time To ‘Return To The Mall’

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First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 05:00 AM EDT
Dead Rising 4
The official trailer of Dead Rising 4 has been launched, titled 'Return to the mall'. BagoGames / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The official trailer of Dead Rising 4 has been launched. It was given the title 'Return to the mall' indicating it is time to go back to where it all started.

This well knows game series originally developed by Capcom as Blue castle games. Dead Rising 4 trailer was launched during 'Microsoft E3 press presentations' on Microsoft's official YouTube channel.

Dead Rising 4 features the return of original lead protagonist of the series, Frank West. He is seen taking pictures of the ongoing incidents in the mall and killing zombies like never before, reported Gamespresso.

According to Gamerant, several screenshots of Dead Rising: 4 were leaked online. The screenshots showed West attacking zombie gang with the help of several unique weapons. The weapons in the Dead Rising 4 appeared like a classic chainsaw which is similar to a ripped out pole with a concrete portion attached. Frank was also seen wearing an exo-suit, which helped him lifting these heavy weapons. It is assumed that the suit may be a poke at recent 'Call of duty' titles.

Gamespot also reported that Dead Rising 4 trailer video was launched by Capcom with the tagline 'let the slay ride begin", the assumption is that the new series will be enriched with an amazing gameplay which will give a better look of the mall, deadly weapons, and more creative combat in the Dead Rising 4 . Also, co-op mode from Dead Rising 3 is all set to make a return. The game, Dead Rising 4 is supposed to be launched on Windows 10 and Xbox One and it's not clear if co-op will support cross-play.

Frank is also seen driving outside the mall in a jeep with zombies, which confirms that the new series in high of user experience and will give more opportunities to roam than the first game provided. It is also assumed that since Dead Rising 4 is happening at the shopping mall players will have access to plenty of goodies.

The trailer for Dead Rising: 4 looks quite promising and the release date is bang on with the holiday seasons, looks like Dead Rising 4 will be an instant hit among the game players.

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