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GTA Announces New Bikers Online Update, Plenty For Avid Bikers

GTA Announces New Bikers Online Update, Plenty For Avid Bikers

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First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 04:40 AM EDT
GTA biker online update
GTA online update will let you become on anarchic biker.
Dawn Endico / Flicker CC BY 2.0

At first look, the GTA bikers online update looks like a miniaturized version of the criminal empires introduced with the update for FAFF (Further adventures in Finance and Felony). Avid bikers have the ability to climb up the ladder in a gang to eventually become the leader in creating and nurturing businesses to earn hard cash.

Exclusive access to clubhouses designated for new biker gangs is another bonus that comes with the GTA bikers online update.  Naturally, the GTA bikers online update will also bring along lots of new motorcycles and attire befitting the biker theme, not to forget the new tattoos, as reported by IGN.

While the GTA bikers online update has been announced by Rockstar today, there is no mention about when gamers can expect to see the new features arrive. However, according to The Verge, when it eventually arrives, you can claim your motorcycle from the exclusive club, equip yourself with some buds and enjoy your very own version of 'Sons of Anarchy'.  The exclusive clubhouse is designed to help start a specific criminal global enterprise.

As for the careers in the enterprise, Rockstar has reserved the information for a later date, and the GTA bikers online update is silent on the subject. This emphasizes that building up anxiety of avid gamers is central to the success of all game plans. True to this attitude, the GTA bikers online update does not mention a release date but just says that it would be coming 'soon'.

GTA online was released in 2013 but unrelenting patronage from gamers has ensured regular updates even to date with expansions and fresh content coming out though several years have rolled by after the launch.  The GTA bikers online update is also guardedly silent on many of the features, attires and other embellishments to the game.

But, there are indications that you can expect to see 'high level' competitive and co-operative gameplay unveil when the GTA bikers online update finally arrives with more trimmings than you would expect.

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