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Volkswagen Teases Its New MEB Platform EV With A Range Of 373 Miles: To Be Unveiled At Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen Teases Its New MEB Platform EV With A Range Of 373 Miles: To Be Unveiled At Paris Motor Show

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First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 07:30 AM EDT
Volkswagen Teases its new EV
With a fully charged battery the car will reportedly have a range of between 400 to 600 kilometres. Recharging times are said to be as quick as 15 minutes, presumably using a quick charger. Noebu / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Volkswagen has finally released teaser photos of the much awaited EV concept that is set to be unveiled at the Up-coming Paris Motor Show. According to CEO of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, the Electric Vehicles concept will be a game changer in the whole EV class as it promises ultra fast charging and an astounding 600km electrical range.

Is It Really a Game Changing EV?

Volkswagen's EV is reported to have a range of 400 to about 600 kilometers once fully charged. It will also feature ultra fast-charging to recharge the EV to its Full capacity in just about 25 minutes - this is much faster than other EV cars including Tesla which can take up to 5 hours to charge fully.

"This prototype is one of of its kind and marks the entry of Volkswagen into the new era of EVs. The new brand of this EV will be as revolutionary as ithe 'Beetle' was about seven decades ago". Volkswagen representatives believe. To accomplish this task, according to Autoworldnews.com, Volkswagen has created a totally new technical platform regarding modular construction for all its future electric cars, under the name 'Modular Electrification' (MEB).

The platform features batteries being located inside the vehicle floor and electric motors at one or both the axles. The prototype of the EV car is reported be the size of that of a Volkswagen Golf with cargo space like that of a VW Passat, reports cleantechnica.com. The photos can be seen here.

Preparing For a Change!

Volkswagen had earlier announced that it is to launch 20 EVs and hybrid cars by the beginning of 2020, well, this may be one of the 20 new cars that were promised. Diess also stated that this figure is likely increase to 30 new car models by the end of 2025.

According to Greencarreports.com, Volkswagen last Friday, held a meeting with about 20,000 of its employees at the Wolfsburg HQ. At the four-hour meeting, Karlheinz Blessing, present VW executive announced that the German Auto-manufacturer is going to release a new plan for the group in November, that'll focus on manufacturing of these electric cars. He also admitted that the plan is to have a straight impact on the workforce.

Qualification for the new forms of work and new tasks, all that we'll have to face. There may also be a reduction in staff through early retirement," Blessing added at the meeting. Senger however argues that VW can't become an EV leader just by selling second cars to house-holds. With established plans about selling 2-3 million EVs per year by 2025 the Car Giant's aim seems clear. Senger is also right that VW should stand out with more variety of these long-range electric cars.The Car will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show that begins from October 1st.

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