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‘Dead Rising 4’ Gameplay Trailer Takes Players Zombie Fight Back To Willamette Parkview Mall

‘Dead Rising 4’ Gameplay Trailer Takes Players Zombie Fight Back To Willamette Parkview Mall

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First Posted: Sep 20, 2016 07:18 AM EDT
Dead Rising 4
The official trailer of Dead Rising 4 has been launched, titled 'Return to the mall'. BagoGames / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Following its official announcement at the E3, Xbox has now finally released the long awaited trailer for the "Dead Rising 4" which takes the central protagonist of the game, journalist Frank West back to the mall plaza of Willamette, the same location as that of the first game.

The new label encourages players to take advantage of new sci-fi inspired exo-suits as seen in the trailer, giving Frank the power of a dozen men enabling him to heavy weapons and to tear apart the hordes of zombies.

Capcom Vancouver is also to release a port of the first as well as second "Dead Rising" titles for PCs, Xbox One along with PS4. "Dead Rising 4" is going to be available for PC and Xbox One on December 6th, and late next year for the PS4.

The latest trailer shows Frank West back to the building: the mall plaza of Willamette, where it all started. The players must already have been aware after watching the trailer that the next entry in the Dead Rising series will take the action back to the fictitious city of Willamette. The latest glimpse of Dead Rising 4 also focuses on all the trouble Frank is going to get into after returning to the Mall. Deciding by the way the things look, action is going to be more chaotic in the next Version and Frank will also have access to some of the most advanced weaponry in the history of the Franchise.

The best thing is that for all those of us who had loved the camera content in the previous games, the photography mechanics will also return in the Dead Rising 4. Taking into consideration that the next game in the series will bring back the franchise's original, camera-wielding protagonist, the reveal is not that surprising. After watching the trailer it also seems that our hero has become a fan of selfies since his trip to Colorado. Dead Rising 4 is at present in development for PC as well as Xbox One. The game will debut on Dec. 6.

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