Face Tattoo After First Date: Oxytocin Levels High in New Relationships

First Posted: Feb 05, 2013 02:21 PM EST

You might have that "lovin' feeling," but how long will it last?

It's not news that people do crazy things when they're in love. It is news, however, that a girl got a tattoo of her date's name on her face one day after meeting him. After falling head over heels in love with tattoo artist Ruslan Tourmaniantz, a Russian tattoo artist, she had his named inked right across her face.

Lesyla (who has already starting using Tourmaniantz's last name) met him online in January and agree to meet him in Moscow.

After their first date, she agreed that he could tattoo his first name in 5-inch Gothic script across both of her cheeks and the couple became engaged after just one week, on January 20.

"It's a symbol of our eternal devotion. I'd like him to tattoo every inch of my body," Lesya said on Travelers Today

"Their plans for a life together include her learning to tattoo while she also gets the full-body ink that she's always dreamed of," an unnamed friend told the Huffington Post UK. "And of course a family."

But just how long will the love hormone in the bloodstream of a newly smitten person last?

Researchers have measured levels of oxytocin, a hormone involved in mother and infant bonding, in people who had recently begun relationships. Revisiting the couples six months later, those with higher levels of oxytocin tended to still be together, while the others were not.

This hormone can play an important role in the initial stages of romantic attachments, according to studies.

It will be interesting to visit this relationship a few months later to see just how this couple is doing. Let's hope that tattoo was a good idea, and lets hope those oxytocin levels remain high. 

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