The Effect Of Climate Change: Are Polar Bears Hunting Humans Now?

First Posted: Sep 16, 2016 06:03 AM EDT

Are polar bears hunting humans these days? For quite some time already, polar bears have been making news due to the fact that they belong to the list of the world's threatened species. There have been debates as to whether or not they should be deemed endangered. But one thing is for sure; or almost: that climate change affects them a lot. And recently, there are claims that climate change is forcing the polar bears to hunt humans.

CBS News reported that a bunch of polar bears trapped a team of Russian scientists in their Arctic weather station. While it was usual for these animals to approach their station, the situation intensified due to lack of food to eat after running out of supply. This apparently led to polar bears hunting humans.

It was September 10 when a mother bear and some of her cubs started to stand and remain outside one window in the research station. For this reason, the team was forced to stay inside and was directed to keep themselves safe without harming the polar bears. Moreover, there was one instance when one of the bears broke a window in the weather station's warehouse and another one killed one of the two dogs living with the staff.

TASS, a Russian news agency, reported that the team already received a new supply of flares. A dog was likewise sent to replace the one killed by the bears. This was made possible by the use of a helicopter owned by Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. According to Russian officials, the bears may disperse in the coming month when more ice are formed in the Arctic. The predators are likewise expected to travel further to look for food.

Meanwhile, in his article published in The Daily Caller, blogger Jim Treacher called for people to realize that their mere practices have been contributing to the gradual changes in the environment. For instance, the electricity that we use are increasing our carbon footprint which affects innocent creatures like polar bears to the point that they would have no choice but to hunt humans.

The thought of polar bears hunting humans may be scary. But the fact remains that these animals have needs such as food and protection. Indeed, something must be done to help them.

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