Dolphin Facts: Scientists Recorded a Conversation Between Two Dolphins; Can They Really Talk Like Humans?

First Posted: Sep 12, 2016 03:50 AM EDT

For the first time, scientists have recorded two dolphins having a conversation. Known to some, dolphins are found to have advanced intelligence and communication skills compared to other animals. But it is only now that studies show forming individual "words" as one of these mammals' exceptional abilities. This has led to questions aiming to find out if dolphins can indeed communicate with each other just as how humans do.

According to The Telegraph, experts have known for decades that dolphins can communicate their feelings via distinctive whistles and clicks. They can express their happiness and excitement and can likewise "say" when they are stressed. But researchers have now suggested that they also have the ability to change the frequency and volume of pulsed clicks to form "words" and "sentences" which is similar to how humans speak.

Mail Online reported that with the help of an underwater microphone, scientists observed a pair of dolphins named Yasha and Yana. It was found that the two would wait for each other to finish what they had to say before replying back. The underwater microphone is especially designed to pick up on the exchanges. 

According to Dr. Vyacheslav Ryabov, lead researcher, the exchange indeed resembles human conversations. He added that the language used by Yasha and Yana contains all the features of the language humans speak and that it shows dolphins' high intelligence and consciousness levels.

Meanwhile, dolphins possess brains that are larger than those of many other mammals. Their brains weigh1,800 g and make up 0.9 per cent of their average body weight. They share the same brain-to-body weight percentage with chimpanzees. In 1950s, neuroscientist John Lilly made popular the idea of these mammals' superior intelligence. Other abilities of dolphins include expressing empathy, fear, and love, and recognizing themselves in mirrors.

With all these details, it is apparently safe to say that dolphins possess a lot of traits similar to those of humans. These similarities are believed to be the reason why they like befriending people.

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