Parasite To Blame For The Massive Fish Kill Along Yellowstone River?

First Posted: Aug 24, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

A little-understood parasite is being blamed for the death of massive fish in Yellowstone River. It causes kidney disease among infected fish. More studies are done and set to find out if this parasite has likewise infected fish in the nearby areas. As of writing, recreational areas along the river are closed due to the aforementioned tests that need to be done. For the entire week, workers will collect fish on three tributaries. They expect to have the laboratory results a few days after collection.

According to an ABC News report, the low levels of river and warm temperatures of water may have stressed the population of fish and caused them to die. To prevent the parasite from spreading via contaminated gear or boats, the river's closure may last for weeks or even months.

Meanwhile, the river's closure has affected numerous people particularly those who work in the water-related industries. A lot f them rely on the fishery in Yellowstone. Officials suggest that fishing guides may relocate to rivers beyond the closure area. However, not everyone has the permits needed.

The incident also affected various travelers who planned to spend time in the river to relax and enjoy different activities. According to The Weather Channel, officials are also concerned about the fish kill's huge impact on the river's reputation. Before it happened, the trout fisheries have been attracting a huge number of visitors.

Gov. Steve Bullock has plans of visiting the rivers. Other officials are also set to have a meeting regarding the fish kill and river closure. Many people want to know when the river will be opened again; but as of this moment, officials can't give a definite answer. They can, however, talk to the public and explain important facts and concerns regarding the closure.

At present, everything else is uncertain. The wildlife workers need to do their tests thoroughly while the public is expected to patiently wait and understand the situation.

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