Self-Flying Cars, The Answer To Traffic, Road Accidents

First Posted: Jun 28, 2016 06:46 AM EDT

Google, Tesla, and Apple are developing their autonomous navigating cars as the future of transportation delivering the promise of reducing accidents and traffic.

As modern technology is evolving, people's mode of transportation develops also. Many people find it difficult to navigate through daily routines due to traffic lights, congestions, and more. Plus, this problem also leads to another problem that is accidents. Scientists have been finding ways to ease our transportation burdens such as creating fuel efficient cars, hybrids, self-driving cars and soon a self-flying vehicle.  

But how safe are these cars?

According to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 90 percent of car collisions involve human errors and only 10 percent occur due to inevitable factors such as natural disasters and failed factory components, Crash Stats reported. The internal robotics of a vehicle can be programmed to make faster decisions to avoid fatalities brought about by, for instance, drunk driving or texting while driving.

According to Carlo Ratti, director of Senseable City Laboratory, software updates will transform cars of today into fully autonomous, reports Having a vehicle that autonomously drives for people allows humans to make use of their automobiles without worrying about crashing or possibly dying due to lack of judgment. While on the road, people are more prone to traffic jams due to daily factors. However, with autonomous cars, they can prevent this by having cars harmonizing with each other, reducing traffics because of maximizing the use of traffic lights.

The Terrafugia on the other hand, is building a self flying car, TF-X. It is in its early stage of development and would probably be delivered by the next 12 years. This car is being designed by Terrafugia saying that it will be the safest vehicle to transport people, not to mention its being an autonomously self-flying vehicle. Other companies such as Aeromobil, Ehang, Google, and Apple have their own prototypes as well.

The future of transportation is getting closer to the fact that we will soon be in the air than on ground heading for a new era of science and technology with the primary aim of making lives easier. Science fiction films showing flying cars are a thing of the past. Today, fiction is already becoming a reality and it may actually save your life.

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