First Look Of Android Apps On Chromebooks [VIDEO]

First Posted: Jun 07, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Chromebooks are scheduled to offer something different following word at the Google I/O Conference that the Google Play Store will be added onto Chrome OS. Mentioned during the 2016 I/O keynote, curiosity spurred on how apps would function and look like. Now a video has show how.

Google has put up a video to show how both the Android apps and the Play Store will look on Chromebooks, something that should be easy to share when online and also handy when a person is offline. Initial impressions show that the apps are running smoothly, including games.

The demo was done under ideal conditions to distinguish how they would fare. While there may be some are apprehensive on the impact of Android apps on Chromebooks, there are other factors to consider such as the model of the Chromebook in use.

There will be of course Chromebook models which may a bit out of date with some likely lacking the usual touch screen feature that newer models carry. With no touch screens to use, it somehow takes out an attached interface that app usage undergoes, with reference to modern day devices like mobile phones and tablets.

The planned integration of Android apps on the Chrome OS is divided though there are some who want to see the difference. Though the plan is to have the apps by the Fall, the curious folks who want to experience it firsthand can do so with the aid of the Google ARC Welder tool.

With this tool, Android apps can be run on Chromebooks. It should be noted that the Google ARC Welder tool is really a development tool which means that using it together with Android apps may not go as smoothly as most would expect like the one showcased by Google at the I/O conference.

The integration of Android Apps to the Chromebook should be pretty interesting as it provides another sort of expansion in the growing world of technology. Some may applaud the move while others get to add another kind of perk with notebook. Updates should be come in the following months but for now, check out the actual video below.

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