Wearable Technology: Alcohol Level, Drinking Habit, Expected Sobriety Now Detected With Discreet Device

First Posted: May 24, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Alcohol level for both ordinary citizens and law enforcers is measured through a breathalyzer manufactured by a San Francisco based company BACtrack. The company recently won the grand prize in a competition sponsored by the National Institutes of Health amounting to $200,000. Their winning entry was for a special type of blood alcohol monitor all in all, which came via a wristband like Fitbit and other fitness tracker devices that can measure the BAC from the sweat.

The alcohol level-measuring device, which is named Skyn, can detect alcohol by the use of the fuel cell technology that resembles the one being used by the law enforcement. Although Skyn is more discreet and less bulky compared to the currently used equipment.

Alcohol level can be measured by Skyn, though it cannot replace the breath analyzers used by the cops because it could take up to 45 minutes before alcohol is passed on through the skin. Nevertheless, Skyn can still be used by the authorities  or with any research purposes to monitor consistently a person's BAC level, engadget reported.

The device may also be used for personal reasons like monitoring the drinking habits because it can notify if the user has had too much drink, especially when driving. Aside from all these, the device can send a message to a family member once it detects alcohol in the user's system during such time when sobriety is expected.  

BACtrack's also won eight other prototypes that they submitted as entries to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge was launched by the NIH division as part of its commitment to look for a non-invasive, discreet wearable technology not only for use by the authorities, but also for individuals.

Skyn has not yet been submitted by BACtrack to the FDA for the agency's approval. However, according to reports, the company has confirmed to launch a limited number this fourth quarter. Interested individuals can log on to the company's website to sign up and get notifications, once the wearable is already available for pre-order, according to DNA India.

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