Forge-Proof Security System Uses Quantum Technology

First Posted: Nov 11, 2015 02:50 PM EST

A team of scientists have created a new security technique that can identify any object with a new unbreakable ID that uses atoms and quantum technology, which makes it impossible for outsiders to manipulate, according to a study.

This new technology was created at Lancaster University in the UK and Quantum Base, which is a spinout company. The founders of Quantum Base uses next-generation nanomaterials to create identification security products.

"The invention involves the creation of devices with unique identities on a nano-scale employing state-of-art quantum technology," Jonathan Roberts from Lancaster University and lead author of the study, said in a news release. "Each device we've made is unique, 100 [percent] secure and impossible to copy or clone."

The researchers' new technique uses atomic-scale imperfections, which they claim is impossible to breach or manipulate. The atomic scale device does not use passwords and it impossible to clone. This makes it one of the best security systems that that's ever been made, according to the researchers. This technique can be applied into any material and it can replace current authentication technologies that are being used. The new device is also cost effective and easy to manufacture.

"One could imagine our devices being used to identify a broad range of products, whether it is authentication of branded goods, SIM cards, important manufacturing components, the possibilities are endless," Dr. Robert Young, lead researcher at Lancaster University and co-founder of Quantum Base, said.

The use of nanomaterial has resulted in the production of power efficient devices, which are future-proof to cloning.

"Lancaster and Quantum base have created devices that are the smallest, the most secure and the cheapest possible today," said Phil Speed, co-founder of Quantum Base. "And we are looking forward to talking to prospective markets and customers alike to bring this new, cutting edge, great British technology into mass market adoption."

The findings of this study were published in Nature's Scientific Reports.

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