Lawsuit Against NASA for Refusing to Investigate Alien Fungus on Mars

First Posted: Jan 30, 2014 08:03 AM EST

A California-based scientist, Dr Rhawn Joseph, has sued NASA for refusing to investigate an alien rock like object on Mars. Dr Joseph claims the jelly doughnut- sized formation is a biological organism that resembles a fungus similar to apothecium.  

He filed a suit against NASA and its administrator Charles Bolden with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco for refusing to investigate the issue further.

"The refusal to take close up photos from various angles, the refusal to take microscopic images of the specimen, the refusal to release high resolution photos, is inexplicable, recklessly negligent, and bizarre," Joseph mentioned in the petition filed on Monday in California.

Joseph believes that the object was present all the while in the images and mentions he spotted the beginning of the organism's growth in earlier pictures and that it has grown to its current appearance. NASA and team claim the object to be just a rock with unusual amount of sulfur, magnesium and manganese. They rule out the possibility of the object being a crater eject due to the absence of smoking holes around its surface. They believe the rover just bumped into it, knocking it over.

"We have looked at it with our microscope. It is clearly a rock," rover's Principal Investigator Dr. Steve Squyres said during an event marking the 10th anniversary of Opportunity's landing on Mars. "It appears that it may have flipped itself upside down."

Joseph is petitioning the Federal Court for a writ of mandamus to "compel and order" NASA to "perform a public, scientific, and statutory duty which is to closely photograph and thoroughly scientifically examine and investigate a putative biological organism which was identified (and thus discovered) by Petitioner."

 He is demanding that NASA release high resolution pictures of the object along with 24 microscopic shots of its interior and wants them to be made public. Joseph has authored fringe papers and books on subjects ranging from alien life to September 11 attacks, which were described as 'eccentric'  by  Rational Wiki. He also wants naming rights and work published in popular scientific papers if his findings are proved right.

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